Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Way Back When-esday - Our Family

I almost never participate in all the days that go around in blog world - mostly because I try to just post once a day (how much can you really read and how much time do I really have to do more??!!) and I'd have to post like 4 times a day to keep up but since my brain is working slow I figured I would participate today and take a look back -

Our family - Kaitlyn 6, Caleb 3, Julianna, Rachel and Alyssa 4 months (Easter 2007)

Our family - Kaitlyn 7, Caleb 4, Julianna, Rachel and Alyssa 1 year (November 2007)

Our family - Kaitlyn 7, Caleb 4, Julianna, Rachel and Alyssa 18 months (June 2008)

Our family - Kaitlyn 8, Caleb 5, Julianna, Rachel and Alyssa 2 (Oct/Nov 2008)

I can't believe how much the girls have grown in such a short time! It's so amazing. Heck even Kaitlyn and Caleb have changed so much. I think I'm due for more family pictures. I hope Kate can handle us again :)

Want to participate in Way Back When-esday? I couldn't find her code to link it so you'll have to click HERE to get back to her blog.


Andrea said...

Every one of those family pictures is awesome! Dorinda, you make it all look so effortless- you are amazing!

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Dorinda, I am with Andrea! What a gorgeous family and you all look so peaceful and happy! Hats off to you, Mama!

Thanks so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday...I'm going to follow your blog! :)