Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Haircuts

With school around the corner (one more week!) I felt like it was time to get Kaitlyn in for a trim - well, trim isn't the right word. See for yourself:

To this:

How cute is she?

And I can't not share who else got a haircut:

Not too bad of a job right? She did it herself! At least it's only one small section and she is so very proud of herself.


Annie said...

I love Kaitlyn hair cut. She looks so cute. Oh, and I think the other girl do a great job with her hair, haha.

Have a nice week.

Andrea said...

Kaitlyn looks so cute, spunky, and confident with her new haircut- I love it!

Matt said...

I love Kaitlyn's hair. It's adorable!