Monday, August 17, 2009

Off To The County Fair

Seems we have gone a little country this weekend :) Saturday it was on the horses and yesterday we were at the county fair. Last year it took us over an hour to get to the fair on dollar night so we didn't all end up getting in. This year we all got to participate in the rides :)

Well, some of them. Mommy does NOT get on the spinning rides. I'll take any roller coaster you give me but don't make me spin. Uck! The kids, however, seem completely unphased by being spun in circles and ended up riding ride after spinnning ride. Mommy watched; Daddy sometimes got on.

Me and the kids in front of the ride I would NOT get on:

Clearly daddy would!

And the girls were fascinated :)

So excited to be at the fair!

Everyone really enjoyed the roller coaster - this is Caleb telling daddy all about it. How cute is he?

I took the big kids on the ferris wheel (okay, my only big issue with fairs is that they are seriously over-priced - I couldn't take the triplets because to ride the ferris wheel would've been $18.25 just for the babies! What?! They're 2!! So, they remained on the ground).

View from the top:

The girls did get to go on a few rides - yes, I broke down and paid for a few :) They got to go around on a cool train...

And on some trucks. Should I be worried that all my girls waited to go on the truck ride and my son didn't?

The kids also enjoyed the cows and goats. The girls spent all their time trying to feed the animals whatever hay they found :)

The big kids really enjoyed the swings - another ride mommy wouldn't go on.

And Daddy took the big kids on the bumper cars.

We had a great time and the kids are very much looking forward to going back soon!


Andrea said...

Oh, I wish we could have been with your for both the horseback riding and the fair! How fun!

Annie said...

Definitely, everyone had a great and fun time.