Friday, August 07, 2009

What I've Heard Today

The noise level in my house is often overwhelming. Basically the crying never stops and when it does I get nervous because it means someone is up to something.

So, to give you an idea of what goes on here every day I'll give a short list of what I hear on a regular basis (though some sayings are new):

- I want breakfast
- I want snack
- I want blankie
- I want flashlight
- I want book
- I want more milk
- I want juice
- I want jumpy-jumpy (moonbounce)
- I want in balls
- I want go to
(sensing a theme? If I got a dollar for every time one child or another told me they wanted something I'd be rich!)

- I don't want to nap or no go to nap

- Happy Birthday Mommy! - For the record it is NOT my birthday - won't be for a good 3 weeks (though I am considering it cancelled for this year) but yet they insist on wishing me a Happy Birthday - all day long! Probably for the rest of the month. Kirk says cancelling it is out of the question - the triplets just won't allow it. I think it's because Kaitlyn just had a birthday and daddy keeps telling them who's birthday is next. They are also wishing themselves a Happy Birthday. They don't seem to get yet that they share one!

- if I say "I love you, Alyssa" she will say "I wub you mom" - cutest thing EVER!

- if I ask Alyssa, "are you okay?" she will say "yea, I okay mom" and since she still can't talk very clearly it makes it even cuter!

- we went to the outlet mall tonight and on the way home all I heard from the very back of the van from Julianna was:

"Yes, Julianna?"
"It dark in here."
"Yes it is, Julianna."
"Yes, Julianna?"
"Where are we?"
"We're on ____ road on our way home."

Repeat entire conversation 10 times.

And speaking of the mall and being out - of course I also heard:

- are those triplets?
- are they all yours?
- wow, look triplets!
- they're all triplets but that one's blond
- that's a really cool wagon (everyone has Step 2 Choo Choo Wagon envy)

We also got tons of points, stares, whispers and smiles. So, to answer, yes, they are all mine, yes they are triplets and yes, even though Rachel is smaller and blonder then the other two she was still born on the same day! I have the scars and photos to prove it :) That and distinct memory of giving birth to three babies on the same day just minutes apart. Believe me, they're triplets!

None of this includes the big kids who also ask me for a thousand things a day but there's questions aren't quite as cute and mostly involve food so I won't take the time to list them here :)

Here's to a peaceful evening now that all the kiddos are in bed!!

As a side note, Kirk did the header using pictures from Kate and I think he did an awesome job! Thanks honey :)


Annie said...

I think we have crazy days. But is nice hear all the kids talking and having fun.

Enjoy your weekend.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

I'm ready for the question phase to end sometime soon. I'm sure something equally annoying will take its place.