Saturday, August 29, 2009

So Much For Not Celebrating!

I was hoping that my birthday would slip in and out unnoticed. Not that I don't love birthdays but who really wants to get older at least when they're an adult?! But my attempts to not celebrate were thwarted by all my friends and family and I'm very glad to say that I didn't mind a bit :) I mean did you see what Kirk posted yesterday? How sweet is that?! I feel loved :)

I've actually been celebrating since Cadi came in on Wednesday.

Thursday I took Cadi to the salon and she got her hair done. We should've taken some before pictures but forgot so here are the "afters" of us right before we headed out to dinner for Girl's Night Out.

Doesn't her hair look so pretty straightened?

For dinner we headed to Uno's because their Pizza Skins are so darn good!

Kristy was having too much fun playing with my camera :) Food looks good though doesn't it??

In back: Me and Cadi, in front Kristy with baby Alyssa and Joanna (who will be moving away from me soon and that makes me SOO sad).

We had a really good night and Kirk even called the restaurant and ordered dessert for us as a birthday surprise. Yes, I think he thought of everything to make my day special!

My actual birthday was spent at the mall with Cadi, shopping of course! Kirk kept all the kids (a total of 8 - again he went overboard this year!) and Cadi and I went off to buy some new things. When we got home Kirk had dinner ready and we ate birthday cake.

Clearly we ate a little bit :) Wondering who ate the most? Here are the scavengers cleaning up every last piece!

Since it just didn't seem right for Cadi and Ashlyn to come halfway across the country and not go into DC we took a late night trip in. Ashlyn slept through a lot of it but Cadi did get to see the White House and the Washington Monument from the front seat of the car.

Us in front of the Capitol Building and proof we did get into DC :)

I had to take Cadi back to the airport today which was my least favorite part of the week but I am so glad that she chose to spend her long weekend here with me. She certainly helped make my birthday special!

Even though I didn't set out to celebrate I had a wonderful time doing so and am thankful for all the birthday wishes I received from friends and family. Above all I am thankful for how Kirk chose to make the day special for me. He really went above and beyond - thank you honey! So, of course I'm looking forward to next year! But not yet, I need to settle into 33 first.


Kirk said...

Happy Birthday Babe! You are more than welcome for everything. Looks like I need to start planning for next year now...

love ya.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Awesome photos. We look so good, don't we? Wait until I post the ones from my camera unto my blog. Hopefully I can find the time. My kids must have missed me, they are all trying to get my attention.

Annie said...

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful birthday!!!

Great pictures.

Have a nice week.