Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3 Years, 1 Month

Since a month ago today I was on a cruise ship and unable to post about the girls turning 3 I thought I'd write a little about each girl and what life is like now that they are 3.

For starters I wouldn't say that it's easy. We still take each and every day one moment at a time but life in general is more fun. The girls fight and scream and cry (a lot) but they also play together and talk to us and love us. Every minute with them as well as with Kaitlyn and Caleb is a great one and a huge blessing.

Julianna Mabel - 3 years ago today she weighed 7.6 lbs - finally reaching a normal singletons birth weight and hitting the charts in the 10th percentile. So tiny then, so "big" now.

Julianna is the "mom" of the bunch. She likes to tell everyone what to do and she likes to tell me what everyone is doing. Quoting my dad, "here comes the news!" Quoting Kirk, "You never have to wonder what Julianna is thinking, she's already told you three times!" Nothing is secret when Julianna is around.

She is also very much a rule-follower. Or at least a rule-repeater. Meaning she is very quick to tell her sisters what the rules are and that they need to follow them. Of course, if she's also breaking the rules then she lets it go :)

She likes babies and mom. Her favorite color is pink. Even though she's independent she very much loves to be hugged and held and wherever I am. She is a precious girl who is outgoing, smart, loveable and fun. She loves to be the center of attention and will do whatever she has to do to make sure every adult in the room is focused on her.

I think she'll grow up to be a reporter or a lawyer - she already knows how to talk her way out of anything!

Rachel Gabrielle - at her one-month check-up she weighed 6.4 lbs. She had these little chicken legs that I swore would break when I moved them. Now she weighs a tad more (doesn't feel like it!) and is one flexible little monkey. We have a 4-poster bed and Rachel can shimmy to the top of the pole. She folds herself in half on a regular basis, pulling her legs over her head. She still draws on everything and the pictures she draws never cease to amaze me - suns, rainbows, faces, bees, animals - crazy good for a 3-year-old!

Rachel is the most attached of the three. She also likes TV the least. It takes a really great show to hold her attention but she'd much rather be somewhere else playing or clinging to me. She's the most cranky of them all. Not sure if she likes to cry but she does it a lot.

Her favorite color is purple and unlike Julianna and Alyssa who like blankets, Rachel likes to drag sheets around with her. She's easy going and not as stubborn as Julianna but she likes to get her own way. She's photogenic and just plain sweet with this little voice that's just so cute.

She's gonna grow up to be an artist, a gymnast or just follow in daddy's footsteps and work on the "pamamer" - that's computer to everybody else!

Alyssa Elaine - always the youngest but by weight she's always in the middle. Three years ago she weighed 6.14 lbs. Today she and Julianna are the exact same height and I am asked almost daily whether or not they are identical. They are not. Not in looks and certainly not in personality.

Alyssa is the baby but she is by far the most independent. She has no problems letting people do things for her or letting Julianna talk for her but she is very content to go off in a corner and play. She still has a problem with speech but she is doing much better. Out of the three she loves TV the most.

Her favorite color is yellow which means that everything that remotely has any yellow on it belongs to her. If it's yellow, it's Alyssa's. She also loves mermaids and her blanky. She loves wrestling with Caleb and playing with Kaitlyn.

Did I mention she was independent? She really likes to do her own thing and has no desire to do what everybody else is doing. She's afraid of the dark and doesn't like to sleep in the basement during naps whereas Julianna always wants to be in the basement.

I think Alyssa will grow up to be an engineer or something technical that requires time to study and figure it out independently. That or she'll run her own company - something she can accomplish on her own.

I'm sure there's so much I'm missing about these precious girls' personalities but it's getting late and I don't want to bore you - I just wanted to capture a bit of who they are and the fact that despite being born on the same day they are completely unique individuals and I love them to pieces!


Annie said...

Great post for the girls.

Thanks for answer my question Dorinda.

Kristy said...

They really are all soooo different! Can you imagine three of the same? How boring! Love those girlies!

Andrea said...

I enjoyed reading about each of your spunky little three year year olds- I can't believe they're three already!