Saturday, December 12, 2009

Multiples Christmas Party

Wow, I feel behind. We've had a busy week and I've had to deal with losing my voice yet again. Oh how much I hate not having my voice when I have 3 three-year-olds! And yesterday I spent the morning in court for a speeding ticket. Oh so fun. I now have to go to traffic school. Can't wait!

But, more fun then all that was our multiples Christmas party this past Wednesday evening. All the kids had a great time and "Santa" gave them their first Christmas gift - a book for each of them. Such fun!

Lots of climbing fun.

- I just love pictures of my big kids playing with and helping the triplets. Kaitlyn will play Barbies and Pet Shops with her sisters while Caleb is eager to wrestle and play games with the girls in the basement. It's just so fun to see them get along like they do.

Slides are fun too!


Although Alyssa and Rachel were a little scared of Santa they warmed right up when Santa gave them gifts. We don't actually celebrate Santa because we know the real meaning of Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birthday so they big kids knew where the gifts actually came from but the babies didn't and they were fascinated by "Santa" and his gifts even though they watched Kirk pass the gifts to Santa. It's fun how much they don't know yet!

We are certainly counting down to Christmas here. Even the little girls have a list of things they want. Julianna has asked for a doll house (not sure why or where she got that request) and Alyssa has asked for Care Bears. It's so funny what they think of. Rachel just wants presents :)

Our multiples party was just another fun way to celebrate the best time of year! Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

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