Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Been A Rough Week

Oh, I've so wanted to post pictures and stories about Christmas. Kaitlyn has even asked to do her own post - something I'll let her do soon - who can forget her wonderful Littlest Pet Shop post a few months back?! This won't be a repeat of that - instead you will learn much about Molly, her brand new American Girl doll :)

Kaitlyn and Caleb are fine and had a great Christmas. The triplets, however, have just decided that crying is by far the most fun thing they can do. I mean, sprawling yourself on the floor in a puddle of tears IS fun - who can deny that? But, really all day long?! I'm exhausted by breakfast!

This morning, I kid you not, Alyssa cried for 10 minutes because I poured her cereal into her bowl out of the OPEN box of Chex cereal and NOT the closed box!

For now I'm blaming it on the fact that no one has felt well since Christmas Eve. I haven't taken anyone to the doctor yet but we've gone through fevers and coughing and sniffling and just feeling horrible. Fun times!

Christmas before:

Christmas after:

The triplets weren't as thrilled with Christmas as I had expected. Rachel was the only one who wanted to open all the gifts. Alyssa was done after the second present - she just wanted to open it and play with it. Julianna seemed to get bored about halfway through. Rachel, on the other hand, didn't care who the present was for she just wanted to rip the paper and see what was inside!

After all the present opening the kids were thrilled to open up and play with their toys. The big favorite has been pots and cups from Discovery Toys. Go figure! But they have thoroughly enjoyed fighting over, er, playing with all their other toys as well!

Christmas was great. The recovery has been hard. Hopefully the girls will go into the New Year tomorrow feeling a lot better.


Carly said...

Love the after photo.

Donna B said...

I second what Carly said! Love that after photo.

The 2s with three are so much easier than the 3s!

Annie said...

Hahaha, I like the after picture.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

Cadi + 4 said...

Your Christmas card turned out great.

I can totally relate with the "after" Christmas photo. Looks like my house every day. Including the tree, its still up. We've all been crabby over here too. Wish I could blame it on a bug but I think its just typical us. I wish everyone was going back to school tomorrow and not just Ashlyn.

Heres hoping 2010 is better.