Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

It's already December 1st - yikes! Who can even remember Thanksgiving a whole five days ago? For me it feels like a lifetime - since then we've packed up and driven over 900 miles to return home. Kirk has gone back to work and the kids have gone back to school. Life has started again. But before we get too far away from the celebration of Thanksgiving I thought I'd share just a few pics from our day.

We celebrated at Aunt Kim and Uncle Daniel's house. My sister-in-law is already hosting Thanksgiving! And she did a great job :)

Everyone around the table.

THE ham - while Kim made a wonderful turkey my dad went all out to cook this really huge ham. I didn't get much but what I did eat was delicious! Hopefully he'll save me some for the next time we come down :)

And snapshots of the day.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like playing Wii :)

Grandma and Grandpa with Kaitlyn and Caleb.

Aunt Kim and Julianna.

Grandma and Rachel - oh yea, she has the cheesin' down!

Speaking of Rachel - look at this girl go at a turkey leg!

My handsome boy with his DS - I mean what else is he gonna do? Wait, he could eat or play Wii :)

Kaitlyn takes a different approach - reading a good book!

And then there's Alyssa - she is not so much into the camera.

BUT she very much likes herself! Funniest story of the night - after dinner we celebrated Aunt Kim's birthday - Happy Birthday a little late Kim (it was actually this past Saturday while we were driving back from FL) - and my brother gave Kim a mirror for her birthday. Alyssa and Julianna were intently focused on the cake but then Alyssa turns around to see what's behind her and she sees herself so she says "Oh" and immediately begins making random faces into the mirror. Okay, so you had to be there but we were all laughing SOOO hard.

Take a look - I tried to capture a few photos while I was laughing which wasn't easy.

And so the first big holiday is already over and we begin the countdown to Christmas. I so love this time of year :)


Candace Hickey said...

Your children are so beautiful. :)

Annie said...

Definitely, a great Thanksgiving with lots of fun and family.