Monday, December 21, 2009

My Backyard The Day After

The swings are actually in the snow.

Yes, that's a bench under all that snow!

We're still digging out but Kirk was able to shovel the driveway and we've been able to get out to the stores. Traffic is crazy, things are still slippery and because of the shoveling and plowing there's at least 4 feet of snow in my front yard. A guarenteed white Christmas! Though some of the snow will be a bit gray by then... Here's hoping we get a fresh layer of white though a very thin one - even I think we got enough this time!

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Cadi + 4 said...

Ahh yes, those photos look pretty familiar to me. Looks like my house. Except my house is much smaller. Glad you got a white Christmas this year. Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. I got all caught up now and got my Nelson fix. The kids look bigger since I last saw them. Loved the post about each of the girls and the one with Kaitlyn and Caleb standing by the snow out your back door. That looked like fun.