Monday, December 14, 2009

Three Year Well Goes Well

Today the girls had their 3 year well check-up and they did very well. They were excited to go in and see the doctor. They were fascinated every time the nurse did something.

To make it easy they were seen together but in alphabetical order which meant Alyssa got to do everything first. Fortunately she was quite willing and happy to be the "guinea pig" for the group.

Complete fascination from beginning to end. I think I should pay for this kind of entertainment all the time!

And their stats are:


Height: 37 1/4" (50%)
Weight: 30 pounds (50%)


Height: 37 1/4" (50%)
Weight: 33 pounds (70%)


Height: 35 1/4" (10%)
Weight: 27 pounds (10%)

The girls with Dr. Flynn - we LOVE her!!

I think this is where she was encouraging them to go pee-pees in the potty. I think she's getting the same reaction I do - "yea, yea, who cares?!"

She checked their eyes, noses and throats:

Their hearts even if none of them knew where that was :) They kept pointing to the heart on their shirts - too cute!

After being examined it was time for shots. Thankfully we were able to get three nurses so that the girls could get them all at the same time. I did NOT want to have one watch their sister get a shot and then throw a fit before they were even poked. They all did surprisingly well with it. Alyssa did the best. Rachel did the worst - swearing that she could not walk for a full two hours post shots because her legs had ouchies on them.

Clearly she could walk well enough to show her boo-boos and band-aids off!!

Fortunately the doctor had some toys to make things all better:

And mom and dad had some loving so all was right with the world!

Praise the Lord we have survived 3 years and have 3 healthy, beautiful girls to show for it!


Denise Wheeler said...

Yay!! My Lucy would easily squish your girls she is so much bigger. Can I send some of her weight your way? I am glad everyone is happy, healthy, and doing well.

Annie said...

They are so healthy.

Reading your post I see that one of the girls weight 27 pounds and the height is like one of my twins. What the Dr. say about that to you?

My girl is very peaky but she eat and she is healthy. Please let me know.