Saturday, May 12, 2007

Baby Reunion

Most of you know that I suffer from an ovulatory dysfunction and that my body does not make the hormone necessary to ovulate so for each of my pregnancies I've had to take hormone shots to ovulate. Prior to last year we've only had one baby at a time but then something miraculous happened and the Lord allowed us to conceive our triplet girls. Helping us achieve this success is the place that I used to work: Genetics and IVF institute in Fairfax. Every year on the Saturday before Mother's Day they have a baby reunion and this year was no exception. So, we packed up our family of 5 and headed to the Marriott in Fairfax to show off our larger family and to see so many old friends.

This is us with the first doctor to count the babies, Dr. Lincoln. He just had to check out what he saw "off to the side" - before that we were "just" having twins :)

This is all of us with Dr. K, the second doctor to count the babies and to show Kaitlyn and Caleb the triplets for the first time and to assure us that they were all doing and growing well at just 7 weeks.

This is nurse Maureen holding Rachel...

Nurse Marsha with Alyssa... (both are old co-workers and friends)

And here's us having fun. There was face painting and clowns and balloons and food. We had a great time and we can't wait till next year! Mostly because it means the girls will be that much bigger :) Last year, they were still in me and we didn't even know what they were yet so it was exciting to me to have everyone finally meet them.

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Cherie said...

How neat! I'm glad you went and had fun.