Thursday, May 24, 2007

Schedules and Follow-Ups

Rachel saw the GI today and she seems to be doing well. If I haven't said it before she has been eating better with the Podee bottle and the Prevacid. The doctor gave us the pill form of the medicine she had been on since she doesn't seem to like the other kind.

In other news I found Kaitlyn's baby book when I was digging myself out of the mess that has become my house (with help from Venzy and Cathryn - thank you!) and as I read what I had written about Kaitlyn I found that she only weighed 14.8 pounds at 6 months. I can't belive that Julianna and Alyssa are both larger than that and they both started out about 3 pounds less then Kaitlyn's birth weight. Caleb, on the other hand, weighed 19.14 pounds. Hmmm... Just fun to compare!

Kirk keeps saying we should put up a daily schedule for our house so here's the norm:

6 AM Kirk gets up - I'm still dead to the world

7:30 AM Kirk gets Kaitlyn up usually one baby has fussed by now and has to be moved to the basement (Alyssa!)

8:30 AM Kirk leaves to take Kaitlyn to school, I'm still trying to sleep, usually it's not working, some baby is fussing or talking or Caleb is opening and closing his bedroom door.

9 AM I get everybody up and make 4 breakfasts (not mine) - 3 bottles and a waffle - after breakfast I change 4 diapers

10 AM Babies are "playing" and/or screaming - I'm trying to eat breakfast, Caleb is playing computer or watching TV or asking me for something - a snack usually - I know, I know, he just ate but tell him that!

10:30 AM Babies are breaking down I'm trying to entertain them and watching the clock

11 AM Naptime - finally :) Now I can do laundry, wash dishes, play with Caleb, clean up the house, swing Caleb on the swing, check my e-mail

1 PM - Babies wake up if they're being good - more bottles and then some rice cereal - still going slowly

2 PM - Girls are already breaking down - they are much fusier in the afternoon - this is the point where everyone's help is so much more helpful

2:30 PM - Go for a walk, play with babies, yell at them from upstairs as I attempt to gather more laundry that mommy has not disappeared and that they are fine

3:30 PM - Naptime - again. Yea! Kaitlyn's home from school - she and Caleb play outside/then inside/then outside/then inside - you get the idea. Some days I get a short break here and work on e-mails/the blog and writing

4:30 PM - Work on dinner, Kirk's on his way home, pray I don't hear an baby crying

5:30 PM - Babies up again - feed dinner - another bottle - they have such a varied menu!

6:30 PM - We eat dinner and give the girls a little bit of fruit or veggies or something - we keep trying!

7:30 PM - The world is breaking down, baths for the older kids, homework with Kaitlyn, errands to the store - our big outings

8:30 PM - Work on getting all 5 kids to bed - Kirk and I take turns putting Kaitlyn and Caleb to bed or bathing the triplets and getting them their bottles. Usually depends on whether or not I want to hear the girls screaming :)

9:30 PM - All 5 kids in bed - Kirk and I finish up stuff around the house and then collapse on the couch. This is when I write, catch up on all my TV - gotta fit it in somewhere!

12:30 AM - I'm in bed.

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