Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy 11th Anniversary!!

Okay, so we really tried to have the kids do well with this photo but it was a bit too close to bedtime and the girls were not cooperating! But do they ever? Then we had a new problem - the sign was tasty. Alyssa ruined our first sign. Oh well, couldn't read it as well.

Anyway, today is our 11th anniversary :) Eleven years ago we were not feeding babies! I was walking down the aisle at just 19 years old. Yep, I was young but I think I knew what I was doing.

I am grateful to the Lord for the last 11 years that I have spent with Kirk. He has been a wonderful husband and friend. Never once has he complained about anything and we have been through a lot in these 11 years. He is a wonderful father to all of our children and has more than proved his love to me over the last year especially.

While I was on bed rest he took care of everything and while I was in the hospital he was a essentially a single dad taking on more than I could ever do. He took care of the kids in an excellent way - okay, they weren't always dressed as perfect as I would have but these are minor details :) - and he even took care of me. I think he's still doing that. There's nothing more stressful on a marriage than new babies. Multiply that times 3 and the stress is off the charts. He has been easy going and loving through it all. The Lord really knew what He was doing when he got us together. And thankfully, Kirk said yes when I asked him to prom :)

Here's to so many more years...

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