Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Today isn't my first Mother's Day but it is my first as a mother of 5! Wow! I never saw that coming. So many years I didn't think I'd have any children and now I have 5. Praise God for His goodness despite our doubting.

I do have to say Happy Mother's Day to my mom who I love and miss very much down there in Florida. She's a great mom! Kirk's mom passed away a few years ago and we still miss her very much. We wish she could be here to see all of new grandaughters.

I did want to say a special Happy Mother's Day to 2 new friends who are celebrating for the 1st time ever - have a great day Cherie and Jeannie!! Congrats on your triplets boys :) (Cherie's are 6 month old today and have been featured on my blog before) - Jeannie is a new friend who had her triplets 2 weeks ago and they have all just recently come home. Yea!

Here's me with all of my "babies" - some aren't babies anymore...

She made me a mother - Me and Kaitlyn

My only boy - Me and Caleb

And of course, the triplets one at a time. Hey, they're individuals too!




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Cherie said...

What sweet pictures. I feel famous now. . .You officially beat me to the Mother's Day post on the blog.