Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thirty Fingers and Thirty Toes...

Are 6 months old today!! I can't believe a half a year has gone by since they forcefully removed these 3 little ones from me. I'm still not sure how I'll survive the rest of this first year but having half of it behind me gives me hope.

A few things have changed since the beginning. Instead of 24 bottles a day we are down to 12. Instead of 30 diapers a day we are down to about 15. Some days just 12 diapers! The girls poop on schedule too. We are more "scheduled" these days though the girls don't always like to cooperate. Alyssa has her own ideas. Yes, they sleep through the night but for some reason Alyssa feels like crying at 6 AM is a great thing to do. Her sisters are not impressed.

Some things haven't changed. Julianna is still the most easy-going, slimiest baby I have ever met. She thinks it's very funny to puke on everything all the time. Our house which basically looks like Baby's R Us is also covered with burp cloths.

Rachel is still the peanut, still trying to do crunches 24/7 and still kind of in between personality wise. She's easy to make smile but also a screamer. Her days go either way.

Alyssa has been dubbed our "velcro" baby. She wants to be held all the time and finds it fun to just cling to my shirt. She's my first baby that isn't so into moving that she actually finds time to relax. But she's also my first baby to sleep less. Usually she screams during a nap or two a day, is the hardest to put to sleep (except if she does it herself - rocking her is hard!) and the most likely to wake up at night. Go figure. She is still the loudest baby ever.

We go on Friday for their check-up so I will post what they weigh. Can't wait for that. Right now I'm just enjoying that we've survived 6 months and the ability to make 3 different babies giggle. Still does freak me out a bit when I start talking and 3 pairs of eyes look my way. So intense :)

The girls in their entertainers - we have enough to rotate them around!

Notice the burp cloth in front of Julianna - it's always there... Yea, I don't know about this look either.

Yes, that's Kirk on the phone behind Rachel - things calm down enough sometimes for us to be on the phone. It's rare... just ask my parents - the girls scream every time we talk to them!

Alyssa is as intense as always... Notice the raised eyebrow - I think she's turning into her father. Her name does mean logical should've been our first clue...

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Kristy said...

Happy 6 month birthday girls! Praise God for 3 healthy, growing babies. I know it is soooo much work, but you guys are doing a wonderful job. It won't be long and all three of them will be chasing CJ all over the place!