Sunday, May 20, 2007

Party Animals

We have been partying for the past 3 weeks! We have had two one-year-old birthday parties, one 3-year-old party, a baby reunion, a graduation party and finally a church picnic. We are crazy party people!!

Watch the girls break down at CJ's 1st birthday party - it happens so fast... Don't miss Rachel's new skill at the end of the video. She's ditching this party! Seriously, we all had a good time.

Today was the church picnic and the kids had a great time except maybe Alyssa who announced our presence to the world with her cry and showed everyone why we call her "loud". A special thanks to Kristy Shepherd (CJ's mom) for the picnic pictures.

I'm holding Julianna and Sally is holding Alyssa - one of the few people who can keep Alyssa content for any length of time!!

Kirk and Rachel

Caleb "caught" his first fish at the catch-and-release pond. He loves to be down my the water.

Here's Caleb being swung by Mary Alphs and her daughter, Amanda (Caleb loves them - they babysat him for us while I was in the hospital)

And here's Caleb when you actually want to take his picture...

Kaitlyn never left the grass sleds - even after hours and hours she didn't want to go home.

Keeping up with the Nelson's is easier said than done!! Till next time...

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