Monday, May 07, 2007

Swingtime Fun

Rachel and Julianna "just hanging out" - Julianna thought the swing tasted good so she wouldn't look at me. I think Rachel's glaring at me but I'm not sure...

Julianna was the only one who cooperated with the close-up shot. This is most of life - she's the only one who cooperates with anything. Such an easy baby :) She'll get to hang that over her sister's heads someday soon!

Julianna enjoying the swing. Look at her cute little feet :)

Rachel liked the swing better when she fell forward rather then when she was leaning back in it. Kirk thinks she needs a swing that holds her flat on her stomach. The child does crunches all day, every day. It's very weird. Does she not know she can't sit up yet??

Alyssa had the sun in her eyes or she too was annoyed with me to look up because I wasn't holding her every second of her "waketime". Even with my friend Denise here we didn't have enough hands to go around and push Caleb on the swing again and again.

Had to include a picture of Caleb on the swing. He LOVES to swing higher and higher and have mom do an "underdog". Check out the baby in the background - can't tell who it is but they were all drowning in the baby swing. It was very cute. At least it kept them relatively happy for a while. That's my life! Running around like mad for a few hours in between baby sleep times. All I do is watch the clock until it's the next naptime or bedtime :)

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