Monday, September 10, 2007

Every Morning

Earlier and earlier the babies are making their presence known. I hear them dancing and squealing and all their crib toys going on. I'd like to say it's cute but not being a morning person I'm not thrilled about it! However, it does make it easier to get all 5 kids up and out the door to school.

Here's what I usually get upon entering:

Rachel's up and ready to go!! Look at that (still) toothless grin. We don't know when the teeth are coming either...

Julianna was asleep when I opened the door but it took her about 3 seconds to get into a standing position and declare in her own baby way that she wanted out.

Alyssa takes a little longer to pull herself up. Have we mentioned that she now has 4 teeth? Looks so cute in her little mouth.

And the cutest thing at the end of the day - all 3 girls looking outside watching their brother and sister play. I know they can't wait to join them as they play.

Sorry for the delay in posting - it's been an interesting week getting back into the swing of school. I meant to post yesterday and wish my parents a Happy Grandparents Day but I got behind on that too!

A few fun quirks about the girls:

Alyssa has taken to patting anyone who holds her. Very funny. I pick her up and she pats me on the shoulder over and over again. Kirk swears he'll get video of it.

Rachel grunts whenever she crawls. We can hear her coming a mile away because of all the grunting. You think something's wrong but no, she's just making loud, funny noises. I also caught her climbing into the walker today - that child will try to climb anywhere!

Julianna was able to get out of her straps in the stroller today, turn around and pull herself up to standing position. She was very proud of herself and very angry with me when I made the straps tighter. Hey, I'm pushing a triplet stroller while trying to grocery shop - last thing I need is a child trying to kill herself while in that stroller.

And those are some fun things to remember about them in the years to come. Which, I might add, I am very much looking forward to.


Cherie said...

What a difference 10 months makes! C has just started standing in his crib all the time. I better start shopping for crib tents now. :-)
I think Alyssa looks just like Caleb! How sweet.

Sally said...

Hey I haven't stopped by in a while! The girls look awesome! Standing and growing little teeth! Amazing! Hope all is well with all the Nelsons!