Sunday, September 16, 2007

Six Flags

Yesterday, after getting up early to participate in my moms of multiples club yard sale our family set off for Kirk's company picnic at Six Flags. It is by far the best picnic ever in the world. Okay, maybe not but I love it. We pay little for a whole day of fun including lunch and drinks around the park. And the best part is the lines are short and I can ride my all time favorite roller coaster: Superman. I just love that one.

In between the "adult" rides we spent our time in the kid area making Kaitlyn and Caleb happy.

The four of us in front of my favorite ride...

Kirk with Chris and Joanna who came with us on our day out.

Right before Kirk left to pick up the triplets...

Eating lunch. It was a beautiful and perfect day but it did get a little bit cold from time to time like when the wind blew thus the reason Caleb is shivering a bit in this picture. Didn't stop them from eating the ice cream though!

Kaitlyn and Caleb on the very mild train ride. They also enjoyed a number of other fun kids rides. Mom liked some of them :)

And once again I know I like Six Flags better than Disney and was so glad to ride real costers again and I can't wait till next year. Thanks to JoRonda who watched the girls while we were gone. And the triplets are 10 months old today! Can't believe it's been that long! The countdown is now on for thier first birthday.

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Six Flags, better than Disney?????