Monday, September 24, 2007

A Glimpse Into My Day

I haven't put up any picutres or video of the girls in a while so I thought I'd share how crazy things usually are around here. My lap isn't big enough and I don't have enough arms to hold them all. Today Julianna wasn't feeling well so she was cranky and her crying caused her sister to cry and their crying alarmed the third and so she cried too. Then they all crawled over to me and tried for me to hold them all at once. They have to figure out that there are more of them than me!! Unfortunately, I realize this every day.

I did want to add a picture of the girls real favorite toy - none of that plastic stuff for them - no stuffed animals either - they enjoy the real live version: Lollipop!

And I do have a confession - I sometimes use the cat to make the girls happy. They get so excited to see or chase him that they forget why they were crying. Before you feel sorry for Lollipop he always has the means of escape but he almost never uses it nor has he ever scratched or bit any of the babies. He's been very good with them. In fact, he slept through most of the girl's "petting" - look at that lazy guy!

And here's some video of the girls moving all over the living room. Often I was the focus of the excitement so that made filming hard.

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