Saturday, October 25, 2008

Because It's Been A Really Long Week...

It's not like I'm sitting here bored with nothing to do but I haven't had a lot to post about this week since I've been working at the consignment sale all week and I am flat out exhausted. I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening and then spent Thursday evening at Dinner Done! making meals with my church and Kaitlyn. That was a lot of fun and I may eventually have pictures from that night once I get them off my friend's phone :)

So, in the meantime I received my CD from my photographer today so I'm going to post some of my favorites. I know some of you may have had a chance to look through all of them but for those who didn't have time enjoy my selections!

Individual shots I love:

And the Christmas shot:

Kirk and I:

Hopefully this will help me narrow down my choices.

And a special happy birthday to the Phillips Quintuplets!! Check out her blog to meet the tiny new babies.

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The Nash Family said...

Funny how they always had Ali as the biggest baby, but she was second to the smallest! Those babies look great, can't wait to read their story and why they ended up coming earlier than they planned...not that making it that far wasn't amazing!