Friday, October 10, 2008


Whew! What a day! I didn't think it was possible but today I am even more exhausted. Comes with spending the entire day at a pumpkin patch and the entire evening setting up for our moms of multiples yard sale. But today it's a good exhaustion - the kids had a great time at the pumpkin patch and the sale is going very, very well (which makes me happy since some crazy person put me in charge!!).

The difference between last year and this year was HUGE! Kaitlyn and Caleb's school goes to Pumpkinville every year and last year the girls were too small to notice or care about anything. So this year the girls just had fun. Even Julianna can say "fun" but she can say a lot of things... Like "cow" which is what she called just about every animal she saw today. She thoroughly enjoyed feeding the animals which was going fine till her fingers got just a bit too far into the donkey's mouth. No damage done but it did scare me a bit when Kirk had to jump in and pull her hand out!!

Of course this is picture worthy!

What are they looking at? A huge tortoise of course! Turtle? Heck, I don't know the difference...

On to the hay ride. The girls enjoyed this and sat so well the entire time.

I love this picture! Finally a good one of me with at least one of the girls :)

Caleb with Kaitlyn's teacher, Mrs. Pierce - funny how he hung out with her all day instead of his own teacher!

The girls also went on an "up-down" or moonbounce and played on the playground (more on that tomorrow) but the favorite part of the day? The huge slides. They just loved it! Julianna giggled all the way down and then ran back up.

We ended the day with the girl's very first whole apple. Rachel really, really liked it. She kept dropping them though which seriously distressed her. Fortunately there were more to go around.

I will post some more tomorrow about our adventures today but for now I have to get a few hours of sleep in before I spend another six hours working at the yard sale!!


Misty said...

What fun! I love the outfits the girls are in!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Your "little pumpkins" fit right in at pumpkinville. I love the one of the 3 girls looking at the turtle. You should frame that one.

Kaitlyn and Caleb are such good helpers when you go out. See, that's what I'm missing. I need older siblings. Can you send me yours for a couple of weeks? I can't send them to private school but they can see all the cows they want.

Hope you survive the sale.

MaryBeth said...

Oh, this post makes me excited about taking my girls to the pumpkin patch sometime this week! Looks like you guys all had a good time. Hope your sale continues to go great and that you'll be able to rest some tomorrow!!