Monday, October 27, 2008

Silly Billies...

My overall goal with my blog is to record the kid's lives as they go on so that I won't forget what they did, said or looked like when they are bigger. While a lot of my days are extremely stressful I really prefer to record the funny times because in the end these are the times I want to remember.

I just love when they pick up things and put them on or carry them around. Rachel decided to wear Caleb's baseball cap and Alyssa just wouldn't let go of her balloon!

The kids love to wrestle and lately Alyssa has taken to joining in. She just jumps right into the action! I haven't gotten pictures yet but Caleb and Alyssa wrestle a lot - it's fun to hear them laugh together.


Denise Wheeler said...

Very cute pictures. It is nice to hear them laughing and playing together. Even better when you can catch it on film. That way there is proof when they get older that they got along at some point in their lives. :)

The Nash Family said...

That first one of Julianna is adorable! What is that has on her anyway?