Sunday, October 05, 2008

How Time Flies

Two years ago yesterday I began having serious contractions. Of course I had a lot of contractions through out the pregnancy but these were the kind I couldn't ignore although I really, really wanted to! It had been a long day - I had even left the house (I know while on home bed rest) to go to a baby shower at Kirk's office but I really, really wanted to go. I had a good afternoon but I think it was just too much for my body and the contractions just wouldn't go away either by lying down or sitting down or walking. They were always there and I felt horrible.

So, after a few hours I broke down and called the doctor. She said, "Remind me why you're high risk."

I said, "I'm carrying triplets."

She said, "Get to the hospital now. Do not wait, do not stop for anything. Get here now."

Her urgency made me a tad nervous. I didn't think these were labor contractions but still continuous contractions in a triplet pregnancy could lead to real ones at any time. So, Joanna came over to watch the kids and Kirk rushed me to the hospital. I remember having contractions the whole way there. I remember going in by wheelchair into the hospital and the front desk looking at me like, "oh, you're in labor, you need to sign in - get in that line over there." Meaning the line for the registration to be allowed in to the hospital.

I looked at the lady behind the desk and said, "I'm 29 weeks pregnant with triplets and I shouldn't be having contractions."

She said, "Oh, head right up the elevator to triage."

And I never left the hospital pregnant again. It was the most long and grueling six weeks of my life. Time slowed down and I really didn't think I would see the light of day again!

But somehow that is now two years ago. I can't even fathom how quickly time has gone by since that moment. A moment burned in my brain that seems just like yesterday but moves further and further away all the time.

Now it is once again October and I am in those last six weeks once again but this time my babies will be turning 2 and I just can't believe it....


Cyn said...

I cannot imagine your fear of the unknown at that moment! I LOVE being a twin Mommy, but I have a TON or respect for you and other high order mommies I know! Everything really does get exponetially harder (from pregnancy on...) with each baby you add to the mix!

Denise Wheeler said...

Hi! Sorry this is so late. I am so far behind. I too can't believe these munchkins are almost 2! I wasn't far behind you in my final admission to the hospital. Unfortunately, I had already had a few and I was also a horrible "home bedrest" patient.

B said...

This was a good post for me to read, Dorinda. I have been discouraged reading about the tough times that are coming with our adoption- things that really scare me and make me wonder if we've done the right thing. But reading about the difficulty you endured to bring those triplets into this world (and I'm sure the difficulty that followed) made me realize that these four lives we are blessed to bring into our family are worth the pain and difficulty that may accompany them. I guess what I mean is that anything that beautiful is worth the suffering that might come with it. Thanks for the post that mentioned us! ~Beth