Thursday, October 02, 2008


It has been a rough few days. We have been super busy and I haven't been home a single night. Just lots of things going on right now. All that is fine but add to it a sick cat and me just cleaning up stuff from every end I'm just a little over the top stressed.

So rather then post about all my cat's, well, you know I decided to instead list some of the funny things that I could remember. Problem is he cracks me up ALL the time with what he says and I swear I'm going to remember and then, of course, I forget. I hate that! So, I'm going to try and share a few.

This morning Caleb stood up on the bench at breakfast and said, "Mom, I just got my first brain bruise!" I think his oatmeal was a little hot...

On the way to get Kaitlyn this afternoon, Caleb was telling me how our days go by faster. So he tells me that when we get older our days go faster. He tells me they are the longest in the first year. "When I first came out of your stomach, those were the long days now they go by so fast." Hmm, how did he get so smart?

The other day he told me that when he was in my stomach he liked the taste of toothpaste. When I brushed my teeth he could taste the toothpaste in my belly! Cracks me up.

And the other day the kids went to Chuck E. Cheese and there they had this little booth that you could get your picture taken and then it would print out a card with your picture in it. Kaitlyn got one that said "Diva" on it. Very cute. She had one token left and she wanted another one but decided that instead she would allow Caleb to have one of his own. I know, how sweet is that? So a few days later we were coming home and in his own random way Caleb asks me if I remember when he waited in line to get his picture taken and I tell him I do (I say this a lot and half the time I really mean, "I have no idea but continue with your random story"). He says this past time he was an astronaut but next time he's going to duck so he's not in the picture. Okay, maybe it's not that funny to you but it cracks me up! What's the point of the picture if he's going to duck??!!

The last one I can remember is a another conversation from today which strangely came right after the conversation about days going fast (I swear I wish I had a tape recorder every time he talks!!). We went from days going fast to falling asleep on the moon. Huh? He says "how would you know when to sleep on the moon?" I am having trouble hearing him (he's in the way back of the van) so I ask him if he said something about sleeping on a rocket. He says, "mom, you'd fall out of bed if you slept in a rocket!" This turns into a whole conversation about how people who are on the moon know when to go to sleep and wake up. This I have no answer to.

I hope you at least get a smile from Caleb's little stories. I know there are funnier ones that I'm just not remembering. But thinking about him talk makes me laugh. Thinking of cleaning up more cat excrements does not so we just won't go there.


Cyn said...

Your Caleb sounds like my Garrett! I love that Little Man for all the ways he makes me smile!! :-)

Angie said...

I'm sorry about your cat, but am glad you have laughter!! He sure is a cutie and a smart one. I just love the way little ones minds work. :)

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Its a great age, isn't it? Ashlyn is just getting started at age 3 and I can only imagine what will come out of her mouth at 4. They are just so cute and naive about the world.

MaryBeth said...

Sorry about the cat, but aren't kids great to keep us laughing all the time (well, most of it anyway). I get sick of not being able to remember the funny things they say, so I've recently started keeping a little notecard with all thier funnies on it. When it fills up I post it on the blog. That way I'll be able to go back and read them long after my mind has forgotten.

Tripletblessed said...

I know exactly what you mean about agreeing to what they are talking about, it's so much easier.
He is a cutie!