Thursday, October 16, 2008

Counting Down

I just cannot believe it. It has been 23 months since they forcefully pulled three little girls out of my abdomen. Yes, all at once. Yes, on the same day. No, I still can't believe it.

And today marks the countdown to their second birthday. Just one more month with 3 one year olds! And while I'm excited to see them grow the thought hits me that this may be the last time that I'll ever have kids under 2. And that just blows me away. I know, crazy mom to even consider more kids now that I have 5 but I do. Even though I'm not fond of pregnancy and even though I'm not fond of babies (although they are cute) I do think about more.

Julianna Mabel a.k.a. "nanna"; "pumpkin"

Born first and biggest still acting like the oldest.

Talking up a storm - says complete sentences "I want down"; "All done shoes" or quite a number of other things she's all done with. Today she learned to say "pig oink" but also knows that cow's "moo" and dog's say "woof".

Love's Elmo and Hi-5 and playing "catch" even if you're not looking or ready for the ball! Though she does try to push and make sure you are. Enjoys drawing and can often be found just sitting down drawing. She loves to read and tells me often to "sit down" so I can read to her. Also LOVES her "bankie" and must have it with her at all times which makes for some very challenging outings - she's turning into Linus...

Rachel Gabrielle a.k.a. "chel"; "peanut"

Born the middle, always the middle.

Rachel is the sweetest, softest, smallest, crankiest kid I've ever met. She weighs nothing and talks just as softly. If you listen close she'll tell you what you want to know and it's very cute. I've never heard anyone say "shoe" so softly. Always makes me laugh. She says plenty, tries to say what Julianna says but she can't quite say it all. No real sentences but a lot of words. But when she doesn't get her way. Oh my word, you're going to know it.

Loves dirt (yea, weird but she really does), Elmo, shoes, looking at books and sleeping. She is a REALLY good sleeper and I hate waking her up but it sure is fun to cuddle with her when she's sleepy. Rachel also loves to draw but I have more work to do with her to teach her to only draw on paper and NOT on other things!!

Alyssa Elaina a.k.a "ssa"; "princess"

Definitely the baby!

Alyssa has got the cutest curls and this really cute girly run - I need to get it on video - it's just so dainty. She really doesn't say much at all - at least nothing that I can understand. She can say "no"; "oh no!" and "yea" but that's about it. She is interactive with all of us so I'm just hoping she is normal and talking a tad late. I'm fine with it (unless something is actually wrong) since I'm already nervous about all these kids talking to me at once!!

Likes: TV - anything and everything - she just loves to sit and watch, Elmo, books, eggs and banana pancakes (not necessarily together but she can pack away the pancakes!). Loves to give hugs - she puts her little arm around my neck and squeezes - super sweet. Also loves "talking" to people but again, I can't understand her. Great dancer!!

*** In case you're wondering the first "nicknames" of the girls are what they call each other - it's about all they can say or at least it's what Julianna can say therefore it's what they're called! ***

Two years ago now I was laying in a hospital just waiting. Waiting to meet these little girls and wondering what they would be like. Now I'm counting down to their second birthday. It just doesn't seem possible. Then I was missing the babies I knew (Kaitlyn and Caleb) and wanting to be home with them rather then sitting in the hospital for three little girls I didn't know. But, of course, today I love them just like my older two and I couldn't imagine a day without them! I can't wait to see the women they grow up to be...


Angie said...

Very cute girls! Some of the early days seemed to drag on endlessly, but the years go by quickly don't they? Enjoy the last month with your beautiful one year olds!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

When you said the part about "maybe never having kids under 2 again" I almost cried, but at the same time, right now as my 3 are fighting for the bajillionth(I know, not a real word)time today and all right next to my ears, I am definitaly NOT praying for a new baby. You know when people say they miss when their kids were little and wish they could go back to those days, I don't know if I'll ever be able to say that about these kids. Maybe if I get amnesia.

Love the mini posts about the girls. They are so darn cute.