Wednesday, September 09, 2009

1st T-Ball Game Of The Season

School is in its second week and now it's time for sports :) Caleb has already had a few practices but tonight was his first actual game. I use the term game loosely because they still don't keep score and everyone gets to bat though they do actually have outs.

Caleb did well - he got out the first time he batted but only because he forgot to run after he hit the ball :)

The other two times he hit very well and made it all the way around the bases :) First time he slid into home except he missed by a mile! Second time he got it right and we are super proud of him.

Caleb seems to really enjoy t-ball - especially when everyone claps and cheers for him. Still his favorite part is giving the other team hi-5s at the end of the game and having pizza and sprite afterwards. Oh well, whatever works :)

As for the rest of us - I'd like to say that the games are enjoyable and relaxing but they aren't. It's just a bigger area for us to occupy three two-year-olds and it's honestly exhausting. There still seems to be no end to the fighting and tears no matter where we go.

At least today they didn't leave looking like this:

Sure they're cute but do you see the dirt?!

Tonight we tried a few different activities:

We roll balls... Do I look thrilled?

Get pulled around in the wagon by anyone willing to do it :)

Play with big sister who does a great job of entertaining herself.

And more ball rolling - this time with friends (Miss Kathy and Jesse).

Mommy playing "rock-a-bye" baby - notice the other sets of hands wanting a turn. Can you tell why I'm exhausted after the game is over? Maybe even more than Caleb is!

Just a beautiful picture of Alyssa. She was having so much fun clinging to daddy's leg!

Looking forward to a great season of t-ball and surviving all the games with 4 more kids in tow :)

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Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Looks like fun. I can hardly wait until my kids are in sports. I might actually want to watch them. At least by the time Ashlyn plays, maybe the other 3 will sit and watch. Maybe. Ashlyn was playing school with them yesterday. She kept saying "ok preschoolers.....". They did everything she said. It was so cute.