Sunday, September 13, 2009

Six Flags - Yea!

Saturday was Kirk's annual company picnic at Six Flags. It is a huge favorite of ours - we love his picnic! We leave the triplets behind and take the big kids along for a fun day and some pretty good (and free) food! This year we got to go with some friends who actually work for the company too and since they brought their girls we were able to do some babysitting trades in the park.

Of course, I was in heaven because Six Flags is home to one of my very favorite roller coasters: Superman! Oh yea, I love the drop on this one:

And our second favorite: Batwing! Okay, well it was Christie's favorite.

No, the picture isn't sideways - the ride straps you in and then lays you back. You go up the ride backwards and then it flips over so you feel like you're flying. It's a great ride - I just prefer the drops! (Christie and Andrew)

Proof the kids were there! Kirk's co-worker got much better pictures and hopefully I'll get some copies soon since my camera's batteries didn't last long :( Didn't even last long enough to get some pictures of Kirk and I ride the Skycoaster - you know the one where they strap you in, pull you back by a cord and basically drop you (I think from 10 stories high). Even though I was literally dragged (um, carried) I enjoyed the drop quite a bit!

The great news is that the kids were big enough this year to go on a lot of the bigger rides and we spent less time in the kids area :) The biggest plus is that the longest lines seemed to be in the kids area so avoiding it made our day much more pleasant!

The girls being goofy :) (Madison, Morgan and Kaitlyn) I think all 4 kids had a great time!

Already looking forward to next year!

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Fun stuff!!! :)