Tuesday, September 08, 2009

One Well Mama

Saw the doctor again today and things are better. My platelet count is up a bit which is good but still not in the normal range. Good news is he's gonna let it be and not pursue any treatment right now - yea! No steroids which makes me happy :) So, basically as long as I'm not bleeding to death I'll be fine. But he did diagnose me Chronic ITP - I'll add that to the list of random things I have but am still otherwise very healthy. Whatever.

In other news the girls are crazy! Wait, you already knew that. Julianna either wants to pretend she's a baby or she wants to pretend that Rachel is her baby.

My instructions are "mommy, I want to be a baby. Sit here and feed me." Then I have to rock her and sing "Rock-A-Bye Baby" though the other day she asked me to sing Veggie Tales to her as well.

When not keeping up with Julianna as her baby or cat, Rachel spends her days catching up on magazines - she seems to like Woman's Day the best but she will also read daddy's Photoshop magazines :) Teaching them young!

And a testament to the fact that Alyssa is in her own world :) I have no idea what she was doing but she had to wear this helmet and twirl around - so she'll either be a ballerina or she'll enlist in the military. Hmm...

And a recent shot of all 5 kids together! It does happen but you can see how horribly hard it is :)


Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

That is so funny that mine are doing the exact same things right now. Ok, no one is twirling in a helmet but you have to admit she is very cute doing it. My kids are all about playing house and having someone be either their baby or animal. Maybe I should invest in a kennel?

So happy to hear that you won't have to do the "roids". Do you have to keep taking the vitamins?

Cherie said...

So cute.

Glad to hear you got a better bill of health!

My boys constantly pretend to be dogs and cats. They are on all fours barking more than they are walking and talking. :)

Annie said...

Kids do the most crazy things at that age. Don't worry as I say in a "normal family" like us, that things pass.

Glad you feel better.

Take care.