Sunday, September 06, 2009

Dream Come True

Today I got my last and final birthday present :) A week late I know but it was WELL worth the wait. Today I shot my first live gun!!!!

Oh, I am still just so excited about it and already itching to go back. Back in February I listed a few things about myself and one of them was that I wished I knew how to shoot a gun. And now I know :) Next up is shotguns and rifles but today was handguns - both semi-automatic pistols and revolvers.

Can you tell I was a little bit excited? I'm surprised they let me in - did they miss the scary grin on my face?! I think the instructor noticed but he didn't seem too worried - just commented that I'd be a good shot. I think the gear is pretty cool - who can't look good with eye and ear protection?!

I did find out that I am left-eye dominant and since I am right handed it means I have to tilt my gun to line it up. Also means when I shoot a larger gun like a shotgun I will have to either shoot left-handed or train myself to aim with my right eye - now that will be interesting. The only plus is that it helps my body absorb the recoil of the handgun better so there's that :)

I'm not too terribly far from the target - about 7 yards I believe but I am still proud of how I did :)

These I was shooting with a 9 MM and that turned out to be my favorite gun - less recoil and easier to control. I didn't get to try them all but did also try the .357 but had a harder time with my aim on that one.

I didn't go alone :) Kirk braved the gun range with me (I know he brought me there AND let me shoot a live gun - it's amazing he didn't fear for his life!). Good news is he had a great time too and is willing to go back and shoot again - yea!

Can't wait to go back! Thanks honey for the great b-day present! It was awesome. Now to start saving money to buy a gun... (but don't worry - it would NEVER be within any of the kids reach).


Annie said...

You are my heroe. I can't imagine having a gun in my hands.

Glad to read that enjoyed your last birthday present.

Have a nice week.

Kirk said...

Happy Birthday Babe! That smile on your face was worth it.

Oh, and yeah, it was a LOT of fun!

Cherie said...

That's awesome!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Looks like you enjoyed yourself. I have a funny story about shooting guns. One night I saw a skunk in our yard and Lance was gone so I got his 22 (the only one I care to shoot because it doesn't kick like a shotgun) and was trying to shoot it. It was almost dark and I couldn't see so I was pointing a flashlight at the skunk and then bringing the gun up to shoot in the same general direction. Of course I couldn't hit it and it kept stopping to look back at me with a look that said "are you serious?" Don't worry, where we lived at the time there was no one around for miles so I wasn't endangering anyone.

Andrea said...

Yay, you! You look like a natural. ;)

Kristy said...

You crack me up!