Thursday, September 03, 2009

Could It Really Be Cool Weather?!

I am beyond thrilled to have cooler weather this week since it's just now September. I could live with the 60/70 degree weather year round except for a little bit of snow :) I am not a hot weather girl.

Of course the change of seasons menas new clothes for the kids since, after all, they keep growing. I recently ordered a new outfit for the girls and when they saw it they just had to wear it. And I have to say, they looked adorable.

We met daddy for lunch yesterday and went to IHOP so I got the girls dressed up and did their hair - not normal for a weekday :) They looked too cute not to photograph!

Me and my baby girls...

Here are my attempts at home - do I have models or what?

Oh yes, that's Julianna shaking her tail at me. I ask her to say cheese and this is what I get - nice right?

A sweeter face.

Rachel would cheese while holding her cookies! Notice the sly grin - this girl gets into everything - you already know she colors on walls but yesterday she pulled every wipe out of my pack of wipes and threw them on my bed. Today she emptied a whole roll of toilet paper into the kids bathtub while I was flat ironing my hair. When I caught her she was trying to close the bathroom door to hide all the evidence - so sneaky!

Alyssa's pose - I have no idea what she was thinking! She is one cool chick :)

Future Baby Gap model!

And since I couldn't decide which feet shot I like best I put both...

So, bring on the cooler weather! I hope it's here to stay :) Don't leave me notes that it's not - I'm trying to be optimistic!!


Andrea said...

Cute outfits!! I'm with your- come on, Fall, bring on the cool weather!

Christina said...

How cute are they? :) I love, love this weather. You said it..65/70 year round (little bit of snow for the holidays) and we would be set!!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

I love the outfits. They are adorable. They could all be baby gap models. Gaby is sitting on my lap saying "where's Brookie?". So glad the mischief happens at your house too. I'm so tired of all the surprises.

Kelli said...

wow Dorinda! your girls look so grown up, and just gorgeous! I love those outfits! I am loving this beautiful weather too!