Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Disastrous Day!

Also known as Family Picture Day. Also known as Attack-of-the-Shoes Day. Also known as Julianna's-First-Trip-to-the-ER Day.

Thank God this occurred after the pictures:

So, our day was a little more crazy then originally planned and if the Nelson's don't make enough of a scene wherever we go we made even more of one tonight.

The day started out simple enough. I actually got to get my hair done and so did Kaitlyn so we'd look good for our family Christmas pictures/triplet's 1st birthday pictures/Caleb's 4th birthday pictures.

After searching desperately for the 6th baby shoe for like an hour we got there on time. The biggest problem with triplet clothing is that if you are missing just one piece the whole thing goes out the window. No one can wear shoes if we can only find 5 out of 6 shoes!!

So, then we find all 6 shoes but let me tell you - the babies know how to get those things off in a hurry! Kirk and I and the two picture people (ha - literally - we went to the Picture People) chased the babies around and most of the time it was to put their shoes on. Eventually we dumped the whole shoe idea and after I changed them into their birthday outfits was barred by Kirk to even try their birthday shoes. So, I am ecstatic at the picture results but very bummed that they do not have adorable little shoes on in most of the pictures. Please forgive me for that.

When we went back to check out our pictures we found out that they were great and we were all set to buy a bunch when Julianna fell over and hit the bottom of the stool we were sitting on. When I picked her up her head had a huge gash. The nice people from the Picture People called 9-1-1 and after careful examination we all determined that she would be okay. However, to be on the safe side and to see whether or not she needed stitches she was taken, very slowly, by ambulance to Prince William Hospital. Kirk rode with her (on the stretcher too - that was cute) and I dragged all 4 kids behind them.

Thankfully by friend JoRonda was able to step in and help with the four so I could hang out with Julianna and help hold her down while they put "super glue" - you know that hospital glue stuff - on her forehead. She didn't need stitches and as you can see, she is fine:

This is Kirk trying to corral her while the "numbing medicine" took effect - that's what on her forehead.

Completely back to normal. Obviously no concussion. Just wanted to prove to those of us who didn't know that Julianna is certainly the rough and tumble one in the pack! And now, officially, all three girls have been treated by Prince William Hospital this year.

On a side note, if you ever want pictures done the Manassas Picture People are awesome. They called 9-1-1, held babies while we talked to like 12 paramedics (do they have nothing better to do?), one of them helped me to the car while Kirk was off on the stretcher, oh, and they took really good pictures which I was hoping to post here but don't have yet but do plan to go back and buy very soon :)

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Cherie said...

oh Dorinda. . .I can only imagine how crazy that day was. . .

I can't believe one of your girls beat my boys to the ER. :-)