Thursday, November 01, 2007

Once Again, It's November

I cannot believe it! November has come around again! Of course, this happens every year. Mentally I understand this but truly to be here again is amazing. Last year today I was very depressed. You probably figured that out through my blogging but truly, sitting in that room, trapped and realizing that I would now have 4 children in the same month was depressing and overwhelming.

At least this year I have the knowledge already that the triplets would not be born on Caleb's birthday and at the least they would be a few days apart. I am grateful for this but as I look ahead to the next 16 days I am once again a bit overwhelmed! I have to plan 2 birthday parties and somehow prepare for Thanksgiving and keep up with school.

I don't think we are ever truly prepared for all of our parental duties but seriously, did this month have to be so overwhelming??

Anyway, a few things for fun:

On the way to school I was asked by Kaitlyn: "What does p-l-a-n-k-t-o-n spell?" You have the ability to see it all together, I had to hear it from the back row, over the talking babies and then I'm wondering why in the world I'm even being asked this question!

As we pull into the driveway Caleb tells me that he's praying that bugs do not take over the world. What?! "Mom, I've very thankful for spiders and I pray that they don't die because they eat bugs!" Okay. "Bats eat mosquitos so they're good. We don't want the bugs to take over the world." Of course we don't, I concede as I close the garage door and unload 4 kids from the van.

And the babies: they are as cranky as ever. They can say "dada" and "mama" but they don't yet know who is who but at their level as they crawl around any leg is good for pulling up and yelling to be held. Julianna is still amazingly loud - it's a gift!

Teeth count:

Julianna - getting #7 - another bottom tooth has broken through!
Rachel - getting #4 - I can't believe she is finally catching up.
Alyssa - still just 4 but she shows them off every chance she gets.
Kaitlyn - she is on the losing end :) Down another one last night at Chuck E. Cheese
Caleb - all his baby teeth - nothing to report.

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