Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We Have a Winner!

We have a winner in the walking contest - well, right now just the stepping contest. Rachel took two steps in a row yesterday on her own. Surprisingly she seems to be the most stable on her feet while Alyssa, who also took a step of her own, is our fastest cruiser.

I think we all were banking on Julianna being first but she is too busy being crazy (and falling) that she doesn't have the desire to try. She's been the more mechanical one lately. Everytime I unbuckle her from her carseat or highchair she begins to play with the buckles and tries to put them back together. So funny. She has also begun playing peek-a-boo. Hopefully I'll get some video of that soon.

Haven't gotten the pictures on the computer yet but they are great and I bought too many. Christmas for family is covered :) Sorry to spoil the surprise!

And Julianna is doing fine - the doctor cleared her from everything - wound is fine, no concussion. I could've told them that and saved myself $15 but better safe then sorry I guess.

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