Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Role Reversal

So, life is funny. Just when I think I have everything figured out it changes. Whenever we go places people like to peg the girls one way or another: the quiet one, the friendly one, the contemplative one, etc. I don't mind because sometimes they're right. Truth is I try to do the same thing but in one day everything changes.

Since turning one I have taken the girls from four bottles a day to two - one in the morning on the way to school and one in the evening before bed. The other meals they get milk in a sippy cup which they are not very fond of. Those of you who have been keeping up with us for a while know that Rachel was once very hard to feed. I had to fight her to take a bottle while Julianna was always easy and pleasant. Draining every drop and often her sisters.

Now they have reversed roles. Rachel really likes food and it's very cute to see her clean her tray. The girls can pack it in. Today, she stuffed everything in her cheeks and her little cheeks were bulging out and she was still trying to put more in because one of her hands was empty! This is Rachel??

On the other hand Julianna is refusing food. Hates it - doesn't want anything to do with it except to throw it - she does like to do that. She wants her bottle back and is pretty angry about not having it. Mean mommy that I am, I'm not giving in. Hey, those bottles take a long time to clean with all their parts! She does, however, like juice. A lot. I think it's all she had for dinner tonight.

And the once easy Julianna has turned into a bear. She gets fussy at the dinner table and fussy in the van. I don't know if it's because she's hungry or if she hates facing forward. Hard to tell.

The truth is we can make lots of guesses about who they are and who they will become but someday they will be different people that may or may not reflect their personality traits at this age. It's fun to try though.

On a different note Alyssa has more than surpassed Rachel, she's left her in the dust. The last one to roll over or crawl is the first one to walk. I mean really walk. Rachel was the first to take more than one step in a row but Alyssa is moving across the floor. She's getting faster and taking more steps at a time. When I think about it I'm not surprised that Julianna is last (although I know this was my first prediction because she did everything else first) - she can crawl at the speed of light. She is fast on her knees!!

Due to requests I am posting a link to the Power Point presentation that Kirk put together for the girls. It's too big to put on the blog directly. Also, it may take a while to load and there's no music. So just imagine Edwin McCain singing I Could Not Ask For More and Green Day singing Time of Your Life (aka Good Riddance) and you'll get the emotional drift.

Get the Slide Show Here!

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