Friday, November 23, 2007

Modes of Transportation

We were having fun taking videos of the girls today and as it turns out each girl has their own seperate means of transportation. Some go farther than others and some go in circles. Enjoy!

Julianna has chosen to go by horse. A little old fashioned but she seems to really enjoy it. In fact, she will throw a fit if she is removed from said horse and will get angry at any sister who decides to try and ride it. A big thank you to Miss Leah for giving the girls this horse for their birthday. Julianna especially loves it. (sorry it's a little dark)

Okay, this is just the funniest thing: Rachel driving a car. I tried to get a good shot of it but of course whenever I taped she would stop and start, stop and start. This is Rachel driving Caleb's battery operated car. It is absolutely hilarious to watch the tiniest little thing you've ever seen driving a 4 wheeler! Okay, Kirk doesn't think it's that funny but it made me laugh. Even funnier when she'd hit a wall and since she has no idea how to turn she'd just keep hitting the button to go. Then she'd get off like a pro. Again, this video is a bit dark too. And a big thank you to Kaitlyn and Grandpa for some turning help.

And lastly, Alyssa chooses to walk. Well, almost. She really is doing very well with the walking - has surpassed Rachel in her skill. While Rachel's steps were not a fluke - she can do it when she wants but rarely wants, Alyssa is taking strides across the floor. I tried really hard to get video of it today but as you can see she just didn't want to cooperate so I promise to keep trying. Even so it's very cute.

And just where were the girls going in such a hurry? To the pool table of course! What more fun then rolling balls on a table? And, note that today was pajama day for all the kids. Just ended up that no one got dressed. The girls are wearing their Christmas pajamas to celebrate the first day of the Christmas season.

I apologize for not writing yesterday to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving but it got busy around here and Kirk and I actually got to go out last night.

So, from our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. We had the pleasure of having my parents company for Thanksgiving and are so grateful that they got to spend a week with us. They leave tomorrow morning and we will miss them again. Distance is hard.

For once, we got to use our dining room and put the girls in their toddler chairs (held in by a belt) so they could join us. None of them really ate much. We are working on that. In fact, they had only 2 bottles today. This is HUGE for us.

On another note, the girls have been home for one official year. A year ago today (was Thanksgiving last year) we had our first night with the babies. Sleeping with two small babies on my chest is not something I could ever forget. That and getting absolutely zero sleep. Those girls made so many peeps all night! Now they do much better and their occasional peeps are much louder...

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