Monday, May 05, 2008

Caleb's Turn

Tonight Caleb's class gave a small end-of-the-year performance. They were all adorable. Yes, it's a very small class - just 5 but Caleb has really learned a lot this year. Lots of one-on-one attention and that's great!

Hopefully you can hear this - it's Caleb's class reciting some of the Bible verses they learned this year. More like his teacher but you know how it is!

And here is Caleb's class singing complete with some minor baby interuptions... That wouldn't be our fault now would it?!

Here's Caleb pointing to the southern states. They had a state song that was very cute and it's fun to hear a 4-year old recite the states :) I did get video of this too but the kids weren't singing much and I didn't figure anyone would want to listen to the tape!

And I couldn't resist:

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Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Very adorable. Caleb and the girls too.

About the deck, I think by the end it will have cost about $4,000 maybe a little more. That was with my hubby helping but Mike did most of the work. I think it was 10ft by 16 ft and that was the cheaper way to go because of the size of the boards. Well worth it if you ask me. I love it and the kids love it. Plus it's less of a liability because the other steps were so dangerous.