Friday, May 30, 2008

Spiderman, Spiderman

Does whatever a Spiderman can...

Is he a riot or what? Yes, that actually is Caleb :) He looked so real he freaked his sisters out a bit. Alyssa wouldn't go anywhere near him for a while. Then they thought he was cool and gathered around him.

I tried to get video but it came out really dark. I'll post it here only because the ending is visible and it makes me laugh. So funny!


Denise Wheeler said...

That is too funny! It is good to see they are all having fun.

Anonymous said...

I got no sound...and Yes, I have it turned up!

Kirk said...

Go Caleb! There's no sound because Dorinda doesn't have the camera with the microphone, I have that one with me. But just imagine the old cartoon theme song:

"Spider-Man, Spider-Man,
Does whatever a spider can,
Spins a web any size,
Catches thieves just like flies,
Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man!

Is he strong? Listen bud,
He's got radioactive blood.
Can he swing from a thread?
Take a look overhead,
Hey there! There goes the Spider-Man!"