Friday, May 09, 2008

My Cleaning Crew

I know that I had mentioned that I had my house cleaned recently by the Cleaning Authority. I failed to share video of them hard at work:

In case you're wondering Alyssa is giving me her favorite book "Construction Time". Yes, you read right. I swear the other day I was trying to read her a princess book (a great one from Usbourne Books with touchy feely dresses - trust me, it's adorable) and instead of wanting to read this with me she sorted through the other books and came up with "Construction Time". And yes, it's exactly like it sounds except that it includes all the characters from Toy Story. Right now this is THE book. When Alyssa finds it she must bring it to me to look at. Julianna likes it too but only if Kaitlyn reads it to her. How cute is that??!!

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