Friday, May 23, 2008

Goodbye 2nd Grade...

I had every intention of putting up a really cool slide show about this past week since it was Kaitlyn's last week of 2nd grade BUT this week has been crazy, right now I should be packing (to quote Kirk "Are you blogging or doing something helpful?"), and I forgot my camera today at the awards ceremony anyway. I know, I know, where is my head??!!

The good thing is that she has successfully and with honors (as many honors as you can get in 2nd grade) passed the second grade and will be able to move on to the third grade next year! Yea, I'm so proud of her. I know people freak out about the beginning of things - like sending your child of to Kindergarten. I disagree - it's when the school year ends that you realize how much time has passed and just how big your kids are getting. My oldest will be 8 in two months!! Okay, that's not a lot to some of you but to me it's hard to believe that 8 years has almost passed since I welcomed my first child into the world. Toddlers I can handle but this, this is different yet so wonderful.

Kaitlyn is totally into animals - LOVES them. Anything and everything animals. I love that she has her own likes and dislikes. Hates having her hair done in case you're wondering why it's always hanging down and doesn't care what she wears as long as it's comfortable and/or has animals on it. Lately she has become an avid blog reader (mine). She also likes to look through old pictures but since I haven't kept up on that lately she refers to the blog instead. Thus the blog question in my last video. Everything the babies do she says, "Take a picture, mom for your blog!" I can guarentee I did not ever speak these words to my mother... So, I will keep blogging knowing that my children will be reading in the years to come. It's kind of fun though. Even funnier when Kaitlyn quotes the blog back to me!

As for Caleb, he finished his first year of preschool. He's 4 so this isn't an emotional time - he'll be in preschool next year. He's cool with it. On a different note he may be in Kindergarten. He did very well this year and the teacher says if he can read three letter words by the end of the first 9 weeks she would recommend moving him up to Kindergarten! This is pretty cool because he only misses the cut off by about a month since he has a November birthday and I've always hated that he falls 4 years behind Kaitlyn in school when they are only 3 years apart. If you're wondering, I have no plans to put the triplets a year ahead in Kindergarten - that's too much stress on me. They have each other and don't need to get to school any earlier then their age allows.

We'll see how next year goes. As for now, we have 3 full months off - from Memorial Day to Labor Day. No time for leisure here, we have a 17 hour drive ahead of us starting at 6 AM tomorrow...

Tons of pictures later - when I get them e-mailed from someone else of course but also from Florida. Gotta go get the van packed or at least make some sort of attempt to help Kirk finish :)


Kristy said...

Get to work, lady! Ha! I should be packing too, but look at me...probably the first to read your blog. I suscribe to blogs now, so they get sent to me....helps with my addiction of checking ten times a day! Anyhoo, way to go Kaitlyn and guys are smarty pants! Love you all! Praying for your LOOOOONG trip!

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Are you doing something helpful?

My gosh ... if I only had a penny for every time my husband says that to me. Blogging IS helpful. It's the best way I know to capture these moments in time and it is saving us a FORTUNE on therapy!! :)

Doesn't it seem like time goes faster once children are in school...?

MaryBeth said...

Oh, I've definintely heard those same words from my husband on many occasions. I agree with Jen, I'm at least saving us a bundle on therapy while documenting the funny things these girls do!

Congrats to Kaitlyn on moving on up to 3rd grade! I think it's cool that she has discovered blog reading already.

Be safe and have a great trip to Florida!!