Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Grocery Game Tracker Week 4

Sorry for the delay in posting I have been working hard on my novel. If you haven't checked it out please do! I'd love opinions now that I'm 170 pages in:

Week 4 is a little different because we did our BJ's run and we buy a lot of staples while we're there like milk that only last us the week but we also buy all the snacks and some meats. Stuff like that.

But using the grocery game I spent $68.67 at Giant to round out my meals for the week but I did have to buy a few high ticket items not on the sale list. Since sausage was on sale at BJ's we are using that this week and our menu is:

Monday: Chicken, rice and broccoli - fortunately for us this was leftovers from care group the night before - the chicken that I got really cheap at HT and we didn't use last time was delicious on Monday!
(what the triplets ate: rice)

Tuesday: Sausage hoagies - soooo good
(what the triplets ate: lots of macaroni and cheese - LOTS - enough to last them for a week I think)

Wednesday: Tacos and 7-layer dip
(what the triplets ate: peaches, couple chips)

Thursday: Sausage pasta
(triplets should eat this...)

And the girls don't eat lunch so I'm really not sure how they're still alive and functioning. They say your kids won't starve themselves but seriously can they survive on a large helping of mac and cheese a week? They do like bananas. I think we have to start growing those. Did I mention how much I hate feeding kids??!!

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Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

I know how hard it is to try and get your kids to eat. Ashlyn is so picky right now. The babies still eat good but I think they are growing. I know it will change soon. I remember Ashlyn not gaining any weight for like a year. I think she was 28 lbs. Now she weighs 31 so I know she is still growing even though she doesn't eat much. I seriously think they put something in Mac and Cheese to make kids addicted.