Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What I've Learned

It’s only taken 4 days for me to learn a few things:

1. 5 kids, one cold pool and one mom don’t mix – reinforcements are necessary – it takes me a good hour to get in as it is.

2. Tennis balls create endless entertainment – bounce and chase, bounce and chase

3. Libraries are awesome! Why didn’t I think of this before? Free books for all ages of kids plus toys to play with and small chairs to sit on – I love it, we will go again and again.

4. Grandpas are great to take along to libraries – they have a special knack for chasing small children

5. Trying to go down to one nap a day after a huge change is very difficult – they are doing it because they have to but I am HATING it – they are so cranky in the morning and if Rachel wasn’t bad enough before, well, she’s really bad now. With my other two they kind of naturally made the change themselves but with the girls I’m forcing it because it has to be done eventually and what better time when Grandpa is around all morning and Grandma is around all night? The real problem is that Julianna and Alyssa are quite ready but Rachel is not and I am NOT having a baby up at all times – I would quickly go insane.

6. Weddings are expensive! So far I’ve spent the money it takes to get to Florida and with gas prices how they are it was a lot, about $300 on kids wedding clothes, plus wedding gifts. How in the world am I going to pay for 4 of these??

7. Kirk is essential to my sanity – this has only taken me half a day to learn :) Kirk flew home this morning and made it safely which is great but he is no longer here and we all miss him. Thankfully he’ll be back again next week.


Denise Wheeler said...

Wow, you have learned a lot in short period of time. I have to agree, the hubby is essential. I don't think I could survive without mine but at least you have your parents to help you, not the same I know, but still some help. Good luck with the nap change. Hopefully it will get better soon.

Kristy said...

We miss you guys already. Can't wait to do the pool thing here when you all get back. Thanks for commenting on my blog...what's with people emailing me their responses? Ha.

Kirk said...

Ahh, how sweet! Thanks dear. The house seems very quiet and empty without you and the kids here. miss you.