Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twelve Years

As Jenna Bush said her "I do's" Kirk and I were celebrating twelve years. I cannot believe that we have been married twelve years. Okay, that I can believe but just not what's occurred in the past twelve years. Like the fact that we have five children that include 1 year old triplet girls. Yea, I didn't see that coming. But I have to say there's nobody that I'd rather spend these last twelve years with then the man I married. Even though I was quite young (just 19) I think I made a rather good choice :)

Kirk has been my rock and my strength. Stood by me through the crazy roller coaster of infertility followed by the new journey of parenthood. He said yes to a second child and then okay to a third. Despite his apprehension about multiples he dove right into the idea and began researching triplet snuglis within a week of our finding out that we were having three. He took the kids and kept up with the house while I was on bed rest. He's cared for me through three pregnancies and a few surgeries. I couldn't imagine my life without him. Not these last twelve years, not the next twelve or the twelve after that. I can only pray that God will grant me many more years to come by his side and that I will be as good to him as he has been to me. Happy 12th anniversary, babe, I love you tons!!

Wondering what we did on our anniversary? Well, it has been 12 years and tomorrow is Mother's Day so we spent the day celebrating our kids. Sort of. Today was GIVF's annual baby party. I got a chance to once again see some of the people I used to work with. It's really great and the kids love it!

A few pictures from our day:

With Dr. Lincoln - and I quote, "Dorinda, you're due for multiples. You've dodged a bullet the last two times..." I can't say he didn't warn me! But he did say I could come back for more any time I wanted.

With Dr. K - the sweetest, nicest RE around!! Julianna was not into the being held thing at the moment - can you tell?

The kids LOVE their arm painting. Kaitlyn has a cat with pawprints and a watermelon. Caleb has fire, air and water. I have no idea where he came up with that! Too bad it was bath night.

This is the lady I need to take home with me. GIVF always has lots of clowns and things for the kids but this was taken at the end of the party after the girls were well beyond the breaking down point (no nap and it's 2:00 PM) and they just sat there and watched her. All of them watched her spin that ball and then fling it off as they tried to catch it. Think it would be weird to have a clown living with you?

And here we all are with one of my favorite nurses, Marsha. She's just great. I didn't get a picture with a few other of our favorite nurses (sorry!) but we do like them a lot even though they gave us triplets... Ha ha!

We had a great time at the party even though we spent most of our time corraling three running toddlers and counting kids 1-2-3-4-5. Thank God I don't have 18 (did you hear Michele Duggar is pregnant again?!)

What did we do after the party? We visited my old home: Fairfax Hospital. Fortunately it wasn't to stay it was just to see our new friend Amanda who is currently 27 weeks along with triplet boys. What's with all the triplet boys anyway? She is doing well and we are praying that these boys hang on for a few more weeks! Every day is a big deal.

After that we came home and had left overs. We did get a chance to go to dinner and a movie this past Thursday thanks to our pastor's wife, April so it wasn't all about the kids :) Happy 12 years to me...


The G's said...

Happy Anniversay! What sweet post about your husband. The family looks beautiful as usual!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

We have so much in common. I also got married when I was 19 and we will celebrate our 12th anniversary in August. The kids look so cute all dressed up. You and your hubby also look very nice. I wish I had gotten photos of Ashlyn and Gaby before she started bleeding all over. Happy Mother's Day and Happy Anniversary.