Monday, June 09, 2008

Crazy, Zany Day At The Zoo

Today we visited Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. It's the second time we've been there and it's a great zoo. Unfortunately we got to the giraffes late and weren't able to feed them (which is my favorite part about this zoo - feed a giraffe?! How cool is that??!) Otherwise, it was a, well, you'll see...

Checking out the orangutans - the girls loved to watch any animal that they could actually see moving - Rachel wanted to climb right in and play :)

Somehow they had clothes:

And the ability to order pizza...

The kids watching the fish and the manatee - the girls would actually follow them as they swam past the glass - it was quite cute!

The manatee up close - he (or she) was doing a somersault.

Kaitlyn and Caleb in front of a black bear.

All of us lined up in front of the giraffes - we were quite a group but not many people noticed the triplets - I'm beginning to think it's actually the stroller that attracts attention and not the babies themselves.

And the giraffes I like so much.

"Africa" was the best part of the zoo - for some weird reason we didn't see any tigers or lions :( How weird is that?

The kids taking a camel ride:

The day was going pretty well until this happened:

And this...

Which then required a lot of running with no umbrellas and a lot of wet. Here are Rachel and I right before we were finally getting into the van - don't we look a mess??

Either way the girls ended up like this:

And this on the ride home.


Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

How funny is that, that we both posted zoo photos. By the way, looks like you could have used our jackets, then you wouldn't have gotten so wet. We were expecting rain and it was a bit chilly. Our weather is so unpredictable where we live. Some days you can go from using your heater, to air conditioning, and back to the heater all in the same day. At least you got the kids to snooze. A downpour is good for something.


Kristy said...

Love the pic of the kids in front of the glass, watching the fish...

Momma-of-5 said...

Looks like a fun time...even with the rain!

Denise Wheeler said...

Those kids look like they were worn out. I bet mama was just as worn out as they were though. Great pictures. I so love the zoo.