Friday, June 20, 2008


The girls have been on one nap a day for about 4 weeks and it's going okay. Mostly it just makes my day longer. I have two large four to five hour blocks that the girls are awake. I used to have them awake no more then three hours before going down for a nap so you can see this does make for a big adjustment. Some days we go in the pool, others we go to the library or the store. The mornings are going pretty well.

But it's the evenings after dinner that the girls get cranky and we're out of fun ideas. So, we have discovered that taking them out front is much better then by the pool (see last post). And they seem to enjoy it.

In fact, I think we have a future Michael Jordan on our hands:

Okay, so I know she's a girl but just try and take that ball away from her! And if you actually do get it out of her hands her temper tantrum will make you give it back. Surely this a technique the NBA should employ...

What is Rachel holding?

She'd rather pull then ride - it was weird - I couldn't get them in.

And Alyssa? She just spent the night looking pretty.

And of course, I couldn't end without another video. The kids had a great time outside and Kaitlyn was doing pretty well playing basketball. One tip - if you bring out balls you must have enough for each child! One year olds have no idea what sharing means!

Other ways to pass the time: Jumping on Grandma and Grandpa's bed after bath in their PJ's! All five kids LOVE it:

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Kirk said...

Great idea for that last hour of the day. I can foresee countless games of HORSE in my future! I notice Grandpa and Grandma diligently standing guard at the end of the driveway, thank you.