Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Welcome New Babies!!

In the triplet world we all kind of know each other or find each other some way and recently I had the privilege of meeting and visiting in the hospital my new friend, Amanda. At 24 weeks she was admitted to the hospital on the same floor that I spent 6 weeks on. As it happens she was two doors down from my great friend, Laura who is thankfully still on the floor fighting for little Ellie's life. Praise God she has made it to 26 weeks. We are praying for many more weeks for this little life!!

As it turns out, Amanda is no longer on that floor. On Monday she gave birth to three tiny little boys and we couldn't be happier for her!!

Please welcome:

Zachary Robert McDonald 15 5/8", 2 lb 14 oz
Nicholas Edward McDonald 15 1/2", 2 lb 12 oz
Benjamin Miles McDonald 16", 2 lb 11 oz

They join big sister Anna to make the Six McDonalds! Check out her blog for pictures and updates.

Congratulations Amanda and Ted! I can't wait to meet the new little boys :)

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Tripletblessed said...

Oh how exciting!