Sunday, June 01, 2008

Officially Summer

I know summer doesn't technically begin till the 21st but seriously who believes that June is in the spring?? I didn't think so!!

I finally got some pictures of the girls in their swimsuits. We did make it in the pool but since I was in there I couldn't get any. Enjoy these shots of them poolside and maybe in a few days I'll get a chance to get them "swimming" - they all seem to enjoy the water a lot!

Bathing Beauties: The "twins" - don't they look so much more alike? I know they're not identical (different bloodtypes) but they look more alike every day - except for the hair of course...

Playing in a bucket.

Julianna's a cutie :)

All three with grandma on the swing. She doesn't look like a grandma does she? Certainly not a grandma of 5!!

Poolside dining...

More of mommy's poolside food service: bagels with cream cheese and peaches. Did they eat it? Of course not, they don't eat anything. Even my mom has asked me like ten times how they're still alive :)


Denise Wheeler said...

Too cute! I do have to say, I won't miss this picky stage that we all seem to be going through. I love the girls bathing suits. And...your right, she really doesn't look like a grandma of 1 much less 5.

MaryBeth said...

Very cute suits!! I think we've been in that picky stage for so long here that I don't even sweat it anymore... they are growing by miracle alone, I guess. Glad you are able to enjoy the pool with the little gals now!

Misty said...

They are sooooo cute! The spiderman costume is adorable too. Have fun with the pool.