Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Florida Beach

After a month in Florida I have yet to make it to the beach. The thing is I don't really like the beach or more likely I don't really like the sand. It just gets everywhere and in everything and I hate trying to get rid of it. Why do you think I live in the mountains?

But tonight we broke down (or I did) and we went to the beach after a decent dinner out. The girls had a great time on both playgrounds and playing in the sand. I think I have some beach kids even if I'm not one of them! At least we got to see a beautiful sunset:

Wondering who the random family in the middle of the slide show is? That is Kirk's nephew Jonathan and his family. They just happened to be there at the beach - so cool. The funny thing is we have seen Kirk's family twice since I have been here - the first time I forgot my camera and the second time I had my camera but not my memory card. Figures. Hopefully someday some of my extended family will e-mail me pictures to post. In the mean time it was nice to be able to get a photo of Jonathan with his wife Kate and their 2 girls: Kylie (in the swing 2 1/2) and Jada - born June 5th so she's just shy of three weeks old. Wow! So little.

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Tripletblessed said...

So cute!! The beach is so much fun especially with kids! Sorry you didn't enjoy it more.
Are the kids getting spoiled with the grandparents? I bet you'll pay when you get home.