Monday, June 02, 2008

Aimless Ramblings

Since I spent the day feeling absolutely miserable:

Headache, fever, nausea, mild vomiting, triplets dancing on stomach...

I have no pictures to share. Instead I'll share a few things I've been meaning to for a while.

I will try to list what the girls can say. Please bear in mind that I can hardly remember one day to the next so I'm sure this isn't a comprehensive list :)

Julianna: (she seems to be a few months ahead of her sisters in vocabulary and seems to say a new word every day)

Baby (she can even bottle feed a baby doll - it's very cute)
Bye-bye (added bonus of the wave)
*****Added 6/3****** (Told you I'd forget):
Nana (for banana - of course she also says this when she means her blanket so it's hard to tell :) ).

(They can all sign "more" and "all done")

The thing about Rachel is that she doesn't talk much. Really she just doesn't say a lot. She can say "mama" if I ask her too. She waves bye-bye. But when I sit down to write what she can say I can't remember. How sad is that?

She's our perpetual cheerleader. This I didn't hear but apparantly she can clap and say "good girl" when her sisters do something well - it happened in nursery on Sunday. Alyssa is a natural born encourager - she claps for others and cheers them on. She dances a lot. She also says the good stuff like mama and daddy.

I've also been dying to share a few new cool things:

Kirk got this for me for mother's day:

Infiniti by Conair

I was very skeptical at first that it would actually work. It doesn't look like a flat iron (which is what I asked for) and I already had a hair dryer. But it actually works! My hair has never been so straight. It's three steps in one: drying, brushing and flat ironing. I love it!!

And, today, I tried a brand new product that works really well and will be a HUGE timesaver:

I've been using Veet for a while because I don't wax and I HATE razors. So when I saw the commercial for in the shower Veet I was skeptical. But I used it and it was soooo easy. Slap it on, get in the shower, rub it off. Smooth and simple. I'm addicted!

And that concludes today's aimless ramblings :)


Tripletblessed said...

So how does the Veet smell? I haven't tried it in years but the last time I did I couldn't stand the smell.
hope you are feeling better soon.

Dorinda said...

The "real" stuff does smell - Kirk hates it but if you get the scented stuff it's fine. The shower stuff barely smelled. I don't really remember much of a scent from that at all...

Kristy said...

Cool. I am excited to try that veet stuff. I have a shaving addiction...